Telegraph Hill Open Studios 2017


Spring is time for spring cleaning the studio, and opening the studio to the public. In Telegraph Hill every spring there is a wonderful festival of all things creative; comedy night, murder mystery, cake competition, community production, concerts, open studios and much, much more.

I have been taking part in the Open Studios for many, many years and I enjoy it very much for several reasons. A. I’m a social being and I love meeting all the visitors who come to my studio, B. Studios get messy and this is a perfect opportunity to have a good clear out! C. It inspires me to make new work, get things finished, framed and hung to create a “gallery” look on my studio walls. D. As part of the clear out I usually have a “Bargain Corner” where I sell older or slightly damaged stock at much reduced prices. This gives me the chance to get more space and gives visitors the opportunity to buy my work at bargain prices.

This year I have invited two guest artists, Kit Boyd and Eryka Isaak to share my space, and I’m looking forward to seeing their work displayed in my studio alongside mine. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite!

"The Meeting Place" oil painting by Kit Boyd

The Meeting Place by Kit Boyd

Kit is a painter / printmaker who works in the British romantic tradition. His etchings, lino prints and paintings all tend to explore our relationship with nature. His work often references Samuel Palmer, Eric Ravilious etc.

Kit is an excellent draughtsman and his etchings are filled with visual surprises such as a tiny animal on a distant hill. Kit also hand-colours some of his etchings using vibrant Japanese inks, creating unique colourful versions of the monochrome versions.

Man on a Laptop (after Samuel Palmer) etching by Kit Boyd

Man on a Laptop (after Samuel Palmer) etching by Kit Boyd

You can see more works by Kit Boyd at

Where Kit is inspired by the earth and by nature itself, Eryka my other guest artist, is inspired by the cosmos. Both parents were scientists, and her dad was a solar physicist, so Eryka grew up inspired by talk of the sun and the stars, and surrounded by weird and wonderful materials!

"Red Asteroid" glass bowl with metal inlaid by Eryka Isaak

“Red Asteroid” glass bowl with metal inlaid by Eryka Isaak

Eryka’s early interests have evolved into the practice of creating unique artworks from layers of glass with intriguingly shaped metal fragments sandwiched between them. She makes amazing glass bowls, light sculptures, modular hanging pieces, bespoke wall tiles and much more. She is happy to do commissions, and recently built her own house with her husband.

"Diaphanous Flow" large modular wall piece by Eryka Isaak

“Diaphanous Flow” large modular wall piece by Eryka Isaak

You can see more works by Eryka Isaak at