Well being and Meditation

Gill has been meditating daily since 1997 as part of her daily routine. Gill feels that it helps her to stay healthy, calm, focused and full of energy, and thus able to cope with all the different facets of her busy life. For many years Gill has been facilitating Meditation sessions in South East London.

Gill currently offers sessions of Mindful Movement (Qigong) and meditation online every Wednesday evening at 7pm for one hour.

Participants really enjoy these sessions finding them very relaxing.

A voluntary donation of £5 per session is requested.
Contact Gill for the Zoom links


“Thank you so much for giving your time this year to introduce me to Qigong.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the movements and look forward to your weekly sessions which provide a lovely calm focused hour each week in what has been an otherwise very stressful year”. Sue R.

“Thank you again for guiding and sharing your knowledge, energy and celebration of such a soul enriching practice! I am finding it so beneficial & therapeutic in far reaching ways” Graeme

“Gill’s meditation classes are wonderful, They allow you to focus, to breathe and to relax. So important in this busy world. I highly recommend them” N.S. Brockley

To check dates, book a place or for any more information please contact Gill at gill@gillhickman.com



One-to-one sessions can be very helpful for people facing specific health conditions who wish to use visualisation as part of their continuing health-care programme. In these sessions Gill will work with you to tailor-make a personally effective visualisation through a process of co-creation.

These sessions cost from £40 depending on location. Concessions are available

To discuss a possible session please contact Gill at gill@gillhickman.com


The first Happy Cell painting arrived apparently “out of the blue” in May 2006.

Inner Worlds

Inner Worlds was Gill’s first “Happy Cells” painting, made in 2006

It’s title was clearly “My Happy Cells” and it took Gill completely by surprise. (It since changed it’s name to “Inner Worlds”) Until then almost every piece she had created was on a square format. All the embossed series’s; Seasons, the White series and the Chinese Elements series, 2000 (except Earth) are square or rectangular. However, Gill had been “visualising” healthy cells in her daily meditations since 1998, as part of her positive approach to her serious diagnosis in 1989.

Solar Cell

Solar Cell

Other Happy Cells paintings followed, and at her solo show at St Georges Hospital London in  Sept 2006 , a doctor pointed out aspects of cells that Gill didn’t consciously know she was painting

“That’s the mitochondria” he said “but I’ve never seen a gold one before!”

Mitochondria are the power centres of cells, and now feature prominently in all Gill’s cell paintings.

Blue Cells in Conversation I

Blue Cells in Conversation I – The mitochondria “looks like a bread roll” a small child told Gill!!

Gill now consciously paints healthy cells in various colours and sizes. In April 2009 Gill exhibited her collection of large cell paintings in a solo show at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital London which was extremely well received.

The cell paintings above and other more recent artworks are all for sale from the Skylark Galleries website. All prices are negotiable, so contact Gill if interested.