Share a Story Month – “The Four Seasons”

the four seasons four coloured collages with gold leaf are mounted in one frame to represent the seasons

Four Seasons Embossed collages and 24 k gold leaf

May is ‘Share a Story Month’ and on 20th May I shared the story of this piece of art  I made several versions over the years as I love it so much.

I have used my unique style of textural art; paper collage, embossed with textures and decorated with gold leaf to represent the four seasons of the year. . .

. . . but there’s a bit more to the story.

Please click this link to read the whole story and find out what Qigong is if you don’t know already!!

The link above will take you to the news page of the Skylark Galleries website. I’ve been involved with Skylark (as exhibiting artist and as director) for more than twenty years. While you’re there I hope you will have a look around.

And if you want to try Qigong, I run a Zoom session every Wednesday at 7pm