Affordable Art Fair Autumn 2018

This October 2018 Skylark Galleries joined the wonderful Affordable Art Fair team at Battersea Park to take part in the 20th annual AAF art fair held there.

This was the 17th or 18th time that I exhibited at AAF with Skylark, I can’t remember which year we first joined them, but I do remember it used to be in quite a draughty tent! Yes really! that’s how long ago it was!!.

Here I am at the Private View very happy with my first rather spacious hang!

When many other galleries were scaling down, and taking smaller stands than previous years, Skylark Galleries courageously decided to “scale up”. With a couple of exciting new artists on board; Zsuzsanna Pataki and Kate Trafeli we were able to hire a much larger stand thereby almost doubling our display space!

This decision really seemed to pay off; the stand looked stunning  and attracted many positive comments. Seven artists took part, each with their distinct style and some very impressive larger works on show which drew attention. All artists who took part were happy with the outcome.

“Radiance” – top and “Teal Ocean” – bottom both found a new home at the fair. Thank you to Paul Paula!!

I had worked very hard preparing many new works for the show, especially in my new bold minimalist style such as “Radiance” (the four piece above.)

These works were very well received and many pieces found new homes around the country. I would like to thank all my colleagues of Skylark Galleries for such an enjoyable time working together with a common aim.

My handsome assistant 

Time for a re-hang next to the waterlilies!!

Our curated hang on the outside wall on the last day.